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The DUI School of Chicago is fully accredited to conduct alcohol and drug evaluations (Uniform Report). Our work product is considered to be of superior quality within the legal community and by many hearing officers within the Illinois Secretary of State.

To complete an evaluation, we will need the following:


A current drivers abstract
The Statutory Summary Suspension and or Law Enforcement Sworn Report
A brief interview (in person or on the phone) with a family member or friend.
Treatment documents (if completed prior to the evaluation)
A copy of denial order or orders, if you have been previously denied driving relief.


The evaluation typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours. During that time, we will review your documents, interview you regarding your drug and or alcohol use history, and administer a computer based objective test. The results will be discussed after completion.



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The DUI School of Chicago is known for high quality DUI Evaluations & Secretary of State hearing expertise. If you require a formal or informal hearing to restore your driving privileges, contact us today.