DUI School of Chicago

79 West Monroe Street - Suite 920

Chicago, IL 60603


Phone: (312) 253-7360

Email: contact@duischoolchicago.com

DUI Classes & DUI Counseling

The DUI School of Chicago will work with you to efficiently complete your court ordered DUI education and counseling. Our DUI program is considered to be one of the most reputable in Illinois. We also work extensively with individuals with Out of State DUI charges.

Level I - Minimum Risk (10 hours Risk Education)

Level II - Moderate Risk (10 hours Risk Education, 12 hours counseling )

Level II - Significant Risk ( 10 hours Risk Education, 20 hours counseling )

Level III - High Risk ( 75 hours counseling )

Illinois Secretary of State Hearings - Out of State DUI - Evaluations Individual Counseling Available - Flexible Payment Options



CTA Blue Line

Monroe Street Station


CTA Red Line

Monroe Street Station


Offices Located

Intersection of Monroe & Clark



Evaluations by appointment



The DUI School of Chicago offers Chicago area individuals, a comfortable and convenient facility in which to address their Court Ordered DUI requirements. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.